Well, you've stumbled across our blog. We use this to keep our customers "in the know" about our doings. Check back frequently to find out what's going on with Corey White Design.

Break out the champagne!

Posted 1 July 2005 from Greene, Maine

Well, the site's done! Or at least this version of it is. Let me know what you think of it, and don't hesitate to offer suggestions. I want to make the site as user-friendly as possible.

I'm off for Limestone (in the farthest reaches of northern Maine) soon. Best wishes.

-Corey White

Possibly Slower Response Times

Posted 30 June 2005 from Greene, Maine

This weekend, I am leaving for Limestone, Maine to teach at a program for young people interested in math and science. I will be there for two weeks, leaving soon after 4pm tomorrow (Friday, July 1). During this time, I will be quite busy, but will still be able to correspond via email and phone - albeit with slower than usual response times.

In some ways, this is the best time I could leave. The website is nearly finished, search engine optimization has begun, and two weeks should be enough time for our rankings on Yahoo and MSN for Maine web design to improve. Hopefully, we will start to see improvement in Google as well.

As always, don't hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or requests for updates. I will still be able to update websites and work on current web design projects while I'm away.

Thanks in advance for your understanding!

-Corey White

Web Design Estimate Request Form

Posted 29 June 2005 from Greene, Maine

Design of our site proceeds steadily. We're nearly done. At this point, we'd like to point out that our estimate request form has been completed. If you're interested in any of our services (web design, graphic design, search engine optimization, etc.), please complete the form. We'll almost always respond within 2 business days with a free estimate.

-Corey White

Central Maine Web Design

Posted 28 June 2005 from Greene, Maine

In concert with our web design efforts, we've been working on the search engine optimization of our own website. Since we're based out of the Lewiston, Maine area, we're trying to target the keyphrase Central Maine web design. This is not a highly competitive keyphrase . . . in fact, we've already achieved top-three results in both Yahoo and MSN, the second and third most important search engines.

Google will take more time. Search engine optimization is always a slow - and at times unpredicatable - process, but achieving high rankings on Google is even slower. This is deliberate on Google's part: they tend to rank older sites more highly, for any number of good reasons (this effect is sometimes called the "Google sandbox"). However, our Google rankings should start to steadily improve. We're in the process of optimizing the code of our pages, and have begun a fairly aggressive internet marketing campaing, joining a number of Maine web design directories and pursuing other avenues.

Of course, we don't want to settle for just "Central Maine Web Design." Ultimately, we would like to be highly ranked for Maine Web Design as well. This will take more time, since there is a great deal more competition for this keyphrase. We're confident, though, that we will achieve our goal in time. Still - wish us luck!

-Corey White

Website Under Construction

Posted 28 June 2005 from Greene, Maine

You might have noticed that our site is still under construction. It's staggering together, slowly . . . we've been adding several pages a day, and expect to be finished by the end of this week. Of course, when a client hires us for web design, we complete the site before posting it to the 'net. Sort of like Athena springing fully formed from Zeus's forehead.

We'll let you know when it's done. Although, of course, to say that a website is "done" is a bit innaccurate. Good web design requires frequent updates. The web is an ever-changing, dynamic medium - and so should your website be.

-Corey White

Blog Start

Posted 28 June 2005 from Greene, Maine

This marks the first entry in Corey White Design's company weblog, or "blog." We have started this weblog to maintain contact with our clients (and future clients!). We hope to use it to give people an idea of what Corey White Design is currently working on.

Check back frequently for news about our doings. This is also the first place to learn about new deals we're offering.

I suppose this entry could also qualify as an announcement of our official opening. That's right - this is the launch of Corey White Design. We offer the best in central Maine web design, at unbeatable prices and with no risk to you. In celebration of our opening, we're offering special discounts - check out the pricing section.

-Corey White