Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the fastest growing fields in marketing today. SEO refers to the process of re-working a website to improve ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. This can make the difference between not showing up on search engines and first-page results. Any Maine business not trying to improve its search engine rankings is missing out on valuable customers - both in Maine and beyond.

Corey White Design conducts some search engine optimization automatically while we design any website. By using XHTML and CSS in our web design, rather than antiquated table-based design or non-accessible Flash design, we ensure that our sites are easily interpretable by search engines. This may be enough for many clients.

However, if achieving a high search engine ranking is important to you - and it might be, since hardly any potential customers look beyond the first page of search results (think about it - do you?) - then we can offer more.

If you choose to employ our SEO services, we will work with you to identify a few "key phrases" that potential customers might use to find your site. Then, we will re-work your site to emphasize these key phrases. We will also submit your site repeatedly over the course of a year to all of the major search engines. Additionally, we will research websites in your field and join link directories to increase the number of websites linking to you. Search engines see links to your site as "votes" for it, so that when other highly-ranked sites link to your site, yours will move up in the rankings.

Search engine optimization is not a quick process. It takes time to build links to your site, and the search engines themselves are fairly slow to respond to new sites and changes in existing ones. Improvement should start 4-8 weeks after beginning SEO. Because of the semi-chaotic nature of search engines, it is impossible for any search engine optimization company to guarantee a particular result, but as always with Corey White Design - you'll only pay if you're satisfied.

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