Corey White Design is a Central Maine web design firm, founded in the summer of 2005. We offer a comprehensive array of web development services, ranging from basic web design to graphic design and renovation of existing websites. For more information, check out the Services page of this site.

Photo of Corey White

Lead Designer Corey White

Corey White is the freelance designer responsible for lead design work on all of our sites. While he may, with the consent and knowledge of clients, "farm out" some elements of particularly complex sites to subcontracting web developers, Corey works personally on each site Corey White Design produces.

Corey White lives in Greene, Maine and studies physics and economics at Swarthmore College. He has several years of web design experience. For more about why you should entrust a college student with the design of your website, please visit the Why Choose Us page. For endorsements and examples of his work, view his Portfolio.